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Most popular spec for motorcycle is 100~125cc scooter in local and overseas market.

Max speed: over 80km/h, Hill-climbing: over 30% (16.5°), Curb weight: less than 130kg
- For driving safety, acceleration and top speed should be adjusted to passenger car.
- Over 20km/h of constant speed during hill climbing should be secured in road driving.

Best seller in local delivery market is Honda 125cc PCX ⇒ Price is around 4 million Won.

Marketable (to-should-be) spec for local electric motorcycle market

Same top speed and hill climbing ability as ICE 100 ~ 125cc motorcycle, and driving range per a single charge is over 150km

considering re-charging time at 80% usage of battery, and 20% capacity drop of battery at winter season

Why does not local e-motorcycle market boom up despite government subsidy?

Customers require convenient and satisfactory spec with top speed of over 80km/h, hill climbing of 30%, and driving range per a single charge of over 150km. This means they use motor output of over 6kW이상, and battery capacity of over 8kWh.

No space is allowed in 125cc scooter to adopt 8kWh battery.
- It is possible for only big-size over 1,000cc motorcycle, curb weight of which is over 200kg, to contain it.
- High selling price over US$10,000 should be the biggest hurdle to penetrate the market.

Bygen in-wheel transmission is excusive solution

5-speed auto transmission with in-wheel type is the key to success.

It would satisfy all demands with motor output of 3kW(1.5kW × 2, front and rear wheel), and battery capacity of 4kWh.

Bygen ‘In-Wheel Transmission’
is only solution to satisfy market demands