World-first Compact 6 gears auto transmission for evs

Transmission ‘Should-be-used’ in EV
Design & Connecting
No Hydraulic & Clutch 6Gears Auto Transmission
6 Speeds , Gear ratio 400%
World First Compact EV 6Gears Auto Transmission
As big as a engine
‘human fist’
Total size with motor and transmission is
smaller and lighter than current motor including reducer.

No hydraulics for gear shifting
No extra battery power for gear shifting

No torque interruption without clutches
Shock absorber inside reducer

Zero-Time Gear Shifting
: Overcoming current tech huddle of shifting time of 0.2 second
Hidden technology which cannot be duplicated

• Innovative shifting technology
Synchronizers, which have more than two pawls located in input shaft, make each gear connected to match driving conditions.
         More importantly, it could happen during input shaft and all gears are spinning with the same speed of motor.

EV 4W(Axle type) : Connect to differential gear of front axle, real axle
  EV 2W(Side type)
• 4 local patents registered, 1 patent filed on May 19, 2017
• International patent application : USA, EU, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia
Applicable Industry
• All electrified vehicles such as battery electric automotive, electric motorcycles, airplanes, ships and drones.
• Wind turbines do not perform at too weak and too strong wind power / Hydropower generator etc.
NHC 6AT – Design & Connecting
Axle type NHC 6AT for EV4W
※ Size is to be customized
Gear 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear 5th Gear 6th Gear Rear Gear
Gear Ratio 2.000 1.333 1.000 0.765 0.607 0.500 1.800
Axles Type Transmission Design
Side type NHC 6AT for EV2W
※ Size is to be customized
Gear 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear 5th Gear 6th Gear
Gear Ratio 2.000 1.486 1.122 0.851 0.6415 0.500
NHC 6AT Connecting drawing for EV2W
NHC 6AT Center type for 2W EV
※ Size is to be customized to Motor specs.
Belt type Connecting drawing