World-first Compact 7 Speed automatic transmission for evs

Transmission ‘Should-be-used’ in EV
Design & Connecting
Compact 7 Speed automatic transmission
Developed   the world's first C7SAT for EV
C7SAT(Compact 7 Speed automatic transmission)
Realized automatic shifting without hydraulic devices occupying most of the space
       of automatic transmission

➥ Succeeded in drastically reducing the volume and weight to less than 1/5
                                     of the existing automatic transmission

➥ Applicable to electric two-wheeled vehicles and electric passenger vehicles

Realized automatic transmission without energy consumption like a manual transmission
➥ About 10% of energy consumed in the existing automatic transmission has been reduced

Developed Korea’s first ‘ TCU(Transmission Control Unit)’
Added a TCU(Transmission Control Unit)’ to the existing controller, which is a MCU(Motor Control Unit)
➥ Completed the ‘shift logic’ unit reflecting transmission·driving situation·algorithm
First, developed a power trains for electric two-wheeled vehicles
Based on the development results of C7SAT and TCU,
➥ first, developed a powertrain (drive system) for electric two-wheeled vehicles consisting of transmission·controller·motor
Applicable to various fields
C7SAT is applicable not only to vehicles, but also to ships·aircraft, etc.
Applicable to various fields driven by motors
C7SAT – Design & Connecting
Differential gear Type Transmission Design
Side type C7SAT for EV2W
※ Size is to be customized
Gear 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear 5th Gear 6th Gear
Gear Ratio 2.000 1.486 1.122 0.851 0.6415 0.500
C7SAT Connecting drawing for EV2W
Center type connecting figure