World-first Compact 7 speed automatic transmission for evs

Transmission ‘Should-be-used’ in EV
Design & Connecting
Competitiveness of C7SAT
Compact 7 Speed Automatic Transmission
Transmission effects
Efficiency(km/kWh) increases by 50%
compared to the same output performances
Battery usage: “60kWh

▶ Significant cost-cut
   • 50% efficiency improvement
1/2 smaller battery
       (from 60kWh to 40kWh)
   • No overheat
No need of cooling systems
   • No high frequency noise
No cost for preventing noise
Auto Transmission in EV
▶ EV industry has made continuous efforts to reduce production cost by increasing driving efficiency such as increasing energy density,
      decreasing weight of vehicle and increasing motor/inverter efficiency. Nowadays, auto transmission emerges as the most powerful solution
      for increasing driving range for EV
▶ Porsche adopted two speed auto transmission for new Taycan. Ford and KYMCO (Chinese Taipei, EV2W) introduced 6-speed manual
      transmission for their vehicles.
      • Compact sized auto transmission to satisfy preconditions for EV has not been developed so far in EV industry.
Multi-speed transmission to provide higher efficiency will be the key for EV competitiveness.
C7SAT will be game changer of EV.
      ※ EU decided stiffer penalties for ICE vehicles from 2021.
New ICE production is not permitted soonest.
In-house PCU Development
PCU(Powertrain Control Unit)
MCU(Motor Control Unit) + TCU(Transmission Control Unit)

▶ Sophisticated and state-of-the-art TCU is developed by in-house technology to make “Zero Shift Time-lag”.
      Independent and core powertrain (PCU+Motor+Transmission) system is constructed.
Competitive Edge of C7SAT
Performance effect
Efficiency (km/kWh) improved by 50% comparing to same spec
Production cost is radically cut.

Mass production
▶ Total parts are reduced 1/10 than conventional transmission, which is easy to be assembled.
      • Compact design and less parts to delete hydraulic (or other substitutes), clutches (torque converter), satellite gears, ring gear and
      hydraulics-controlled parts. multi-plate clutched, brake, valve bod, etc.

▶ Mounted on chassis without current EV platform change
      • Total size combined motor and transmission is smaller and lighter than conventional transmission including reducer.
▶ C7SAT is to be mounted on ICE.
      • Efficiency will increase by over 10%. Production costs and weight will decrease by over 70%.
      • Gear is automatically transferred to neutral when vehicle speed is under constant speed (about 5km/h) at brake “ON” mode.
At brake “OFF” mode, it is automatically transferred to first gear.
      • It could be applied to heavy-duty EV2W as well as EV4W
Exclusive compact sized auto transmission for heavy-duty EV2W

With Bygen’s innovation, it radically cut production costs as well as efficiency improvement.
▶ Unique and exclusive solution to apparently cut EV Cost.