Moving Forward Better Mobility Life Altogether

BYGEN History
Business Opportunities
Bygen Business Opportunities
EV Market Outlook
● Increasing environmental concerns and strong emission regulations
    speed from ICEs to EVs
● Enlarging EV market due to planning ICE production ceasing 
2025 will be
     turning point
     - Scheduled ceasing year: Norway, the Netherlands
                                                         India, Germane
2030, UK, France
● With eco-friendly energy source, electric vehicle market will provide new powerful
    momentums for economy growth.
Strong Competitiveness of Bygen Transmission
● The highest huddle for enlarging EV market is “PRICE”.
Battery cost is around 60% of total costs (based on 60kWh)
● Multi-speed auto transmission is the solution
If adapted, it is
    expected to cut EV production cost by 30% at least.
● Electric vehicles can be produced with lower manufacturing cost
    than ICEs with transmission.
● Solution to overcome price problem is “transmission of Bygen”
    providing strong price competitiveness.
● Bygen transmission brings efficiency increase, which results in
    smaller battery
non-hydraulics, 6 gears, Auto
Bygen Business Model
License-out, Technical Tie-up
● One partner in one country. Tie-up conditions are negotiable.
● Running royalty base
Production and sales of transmission set
● Transmission, Controller, Servo Motor
● Potential partners: Worldwide EV2W makers
Small but stable local EV2W market
● Food delivery service market (ex: Mash Korea, BaeMin etc.), B2G (Post Office, Police),
    Security service (S1, ADT Caps)
● Max speed 80km/h, Grade ability 30%, Driving range per a single charge 150km
    (Battery 3kWh)
EV3W production with lower price than ICE (prototype scheduled in 2019)
● Targeting commuters of one-person driving
width 1.1m, weight
    300k, two passengers (one front, one rear)

● Vehicle stability at cornering drive is secured with tilting EV3W (one
    front, two rear). Target price is under US$10,000.

● EV3W with two rear wheels
Impossible with heavy and bulky     engine
Only possible with NHC 6AT
   - Max speed 100km/h, Grade ability 30%, Driving range per a single
    charge 200km (Battery 10kWh)
Applicable Industry
● It could be applied to all motor-driven mobility including motorcycle,
      car, drone, airplane, ship and wind mill