Uncomfortable & Dangerous Bicycle is Reborn into Comfortable & Safe Bicycle

HANK , Comfortable & Safe bicycle!

PAS type FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Electric Bicycle with Bygen’s patented Direct Trans Hub’

• Hub without chain and transmission parts (e.g.: chainring,sprocket,derailleur, etc.)
• 3 speed gear (3rd gear-4:1, 2nd gear-2.3:1, 1st gear-1:1), 20” wheels, 250W motor.
• Built-in front wheel wobble control device.



The Most Comfortable and Safe Riding Posture

• FWD system and a wide pelvis saddle for comfortable riding.
• Many hour’s comfortable riding (no pain in the hips)
• Both feet touching the ground for safety.
• Long-distance riding for normal people (minimum efforts and maximum comfort)



High practicality

• Folding Bike. More than 2 bikes can be loaded into a car trunk.
• A bicycle that you can carry inside the subway, cafe, restaurant, restroom and your lodging during travel!
• Riders can change speed without a chain.
• Riders enjoy riding anytime anywhere in free dresses.
This bike goes well with everyday dress code such as suit and tie, and casual. No chain means no grease!
No need to worry about clothes getting jammed or contaminated by oil.
• Simple driving system parts comprised of only crank and hub enhances a durability and facilitate easy maintenance.