Bygen’s Proprietary Patented Technology

Core Technology (Patented Technology)

• DTH (Direct Trans Hub) The World’s First
The crank is directly connected to the axle of hub including transmission gears for the chainless and direct driving.
– No chain related Issue (break away, disconnection, cloth tearing, oil stein and etc.)

※ Innovation Technology to Bring Various Types of Chainless Bicycles

• Transmission Gears Included in the Hub
– 3 Step 400% Gear Ratio (Gear 1–1:1 , Gear 2 –2:1, Gear 3 –4:1)
※ Number and Ratio of Gears are adjustable.
• ‘Chainless Multi-Speed Bicycle’Implementing Technology
※ Patented Technology giving Birth of TRIGEN by Implementing the Chainless Front-Wheel Driving

• No Chain Related Issue (Displacement, Break-off, Cloth Tearing, Oil Staining and others)
• Innovative Technology to Lead to Various Types of New Chainless Bicycles


Chainless and Direct Drive Trans Hub – Low Centered Bicycle for Comfortable Riding in Low Seat Position

• BMS (Balance Maintain System) The World’s First
BMS tilts the bicycle body to the steering direction during cornering to maintain the balance preventing the fall as the body inclining to the opposite direction to the turning due to the centrifugal force.
※ BMS is an innovation applicable to not only bicycles, but Motorcycles and Automobiles.

Balance Maintain System Connecting Hinge and Handle resulting Exceptional Balancing Effects with Greater Tilting Angles based on its Simple Mechanism (The World’s First)
– BMS prevents falling on turning while riding on the settle of comfortable height.
– BMS’ Tilting Angle is Unlimited.

• The steering system provides safe and smooth turning by tilting the body naturally following the handle direction.
– Bicycle riding fun is amplified.
• Human Centered Innovation Enabling Easy and Safe Riding for Anyone not Requiring Any Learning
• Steering System Turing Direction only by Tilting with no Wheel Steering