No Fall Bicycle ‘Trigen’

Trigen is..

No Fall Bicycle! (BMS Technology)
– No Need to Learn. Bicycle for Everyone

Electric Tricycle (2.6kg including the removable Motor and Batteries-capacity of 296Wh)

– Long Distance Riding Available for anyone (According to EU regulations, PAS type, Motor 250W, Max. Speed of 25km/h)

 Safe Tricycle that doesn’t fall during turning
– Turning radius is small

Trigen is developed by applying Balance Maintain System(BMS) & Direct Trans Hub(DTH)
technologies, the First Developments in the World by Bygen. Link to Technology page


Feature of Trigen
  • Safe Tricycle that doesn’t fall even during turning
    Turning radius is small
  • The bike that everyone can ride easily and safely without learning how to ride
    Simply, the Most Comfortable Bicycle in the World to Ride
  • DTH technology changes the speed and drives front wheels directly without chains Implementing the Low Centered Design for comfortable riding with the posture of driver sitting on the saddle while the both feet touching on the ground.
    The back supporting wide saddle provides easy riding with the height enabling both feet touching the ground.
  • More Riding, More Fun
    After riding Trigen for 10 minutes or longer, the rider starts to hate ride other bicycles because of the comfort and fun to ride.
  • Electric Tricycle
    Approx. 2.6kg including Battery, Removable Electric Motor (According to EU regulations, PAS type,capacity of 250W, Max. Speed of 25km/h)
    Long Distance Riding Available for anyone
  • ‘Chainless Tricycle’ Completely Resolving Previous Issues(Rolling-over on Turning, Large Turning Radius, Heavy Weight, Long Wheelbase, Wide Wheel Size) limiting the popularization of tricycles.


Folding Trike


Who needs Trigen ?
  • Ones like to ride bicycles, yet don’t know how
  • Seniors, disabled or other challenged persons for riding bicycles
  • Ones have given up riding bicycles for uncomfort experiences
    – Normal bicycle riding accompanies difficulties including pains in heap and thigh areas as well as the prostate issue.
  • Ones looking for safe bicycles
    – The saddle 30~50cm lower than that of general bicycles prevents accidents.
  • Bicycle riders looking for comfortable riding
    – Low centered riding similar to the automobile driving posture (Seat Tube, 40 degree)
  • Ones looking for electric bicycles enabling easy riding only requiring pedaling
    – The weight of attachable motor applied Trigen is approx. 15kg.
  • Ones feeling uncomfortable on riding motorbikes
  • Replacing three wheel & four wheel motorcycles often involved in roll-over accidents
    – Safety enabling even ladies riding conveniently