BYGEN’s thought and story 


Technology and Competitiveness of BYGEN

There are as yet no companies that develop all main parts to make complete bicycles worldwide except for BYGEN. This symbolizes BYGEN’s overcoming hardships and difficulties as a small/medium business.
Korea has reached a limit where it is no longer difficult to surpass advanced countries by copying their technology.
For sustainable growth, Korea must reform systems and develop leading-edge technologies.
BYGEN has made innovative bicycle satisfying needs and imaginations for riders through matchless technologies
The bicycle we made is high performance bicycle being easy and familiar to come closer of the people.


‘Portability’ and ‘Power’ – common troubles of riders 

A bicycle is loved by almost all people as the best means of transportation that can solve urban traffic and global environment problem.
The common troubles of all riders falling in the charms of their bicycles offering pleasure and health with small everyday changes are “portability” and “power”.
What if you can’t stop by a cafe, restaurant or toilet because of fear of bicycle loss? Or if it has high portability but low
performance ? Bicycles don’t show off their true value as a means of transportation.


Orientation of BYGEN

A portable foldable bicycle has a weakness of its heavier weight and low performance comparing with ordinary bicycle for equivalent wheel size.
Bicycle must be high portability and performance to be much more familiar means of transportation being loaded car trunk without folding and disassembling.
As a result, BYGEN decided to develop a bicycle in which cranks are directly connected to rear wheel hub that enables to change speeds.


Bygen’s challenge

We have strived for research and development of high performance portable bicycle which fulfill demands of riders since early 2009.
BYGEN has paid huge investment hard to bear for 6 years and suffered lots of errors, failures in the process of anyone can not accomplish the way of development new technologies.
But BYGEN members will finally be able to launch ‘Direct bike – Hank’ which can change speed with higher performance and more convenient portability than existing bicycles in Feb 2015 after enduring hardship with passion and tenacity.


BYGEN’s outcomes for last 7 years

BYGEN has developed innovative bicycles for last 6 years when domestic bicycle parts industry collapsed in Korea. It was the painful period that truly tested our determination and strength. However, BYGEN knew the method and the ability to build a new bicycle and was confident that it would find a way to success. We never gave up. As a result, BYGEN achieved source patent technologies.


First, BYGEN developed the world’s first “Direct Transhub”. 

BYGEN developed the world’s first ‘Direct Transhub’ in which the bicycle is driven entirely by cranks only without using any transmission devices like chain being cause of power loss to build a bicycle with more powerful than existing bicycles.(foreign substance on chain is also cause of power loss)
‘Direct Transhub with high technology took 6 years concentrating full capability of BYGEN to commercialize in markets.


Second, BYGEN developed the world’s first “Powercrank”. 

BYGEN developed the world’s firs ‘Powercrank’ along with ‘ Direct Transhub’ in order to realize high performance bicycle.
‘Powercrank’ shows BYGEN’s imagination and technical skills that increases crank torque(turning force) through the act of pedal position change becoming longer at downward and shorter at upward of crank length.


Third, BYGEN independently develops principal parts. 

Originality of ‘Hank’ is not only ‘Direct Transhub’ and ‘Powercrank’ but also carbon frame, carbon wheel, foldable handlebar, shift lever, etc of almost all major parts to build completely assembled bicycle.
BYGEN bicycle assembled by almost all major parts which are manufactured in domestic is the product suitable for the fame of ‘Made in Korea’.


Enterprise becoming pride of people

Developed countries culture which glows with enthusiasm to the innovative products and it continues to loyalty for the products is enviable thing to our enterprises.
It’s difficult for a enterprise to be loved by the native people with only innovative products.
Modesty must consist of acknowledging my fault and avoiding damage to another people. We’ll always do our best in modesty. BYGEN is trying to make the best brand differentiated by endless research, development and innovation.
In the belief that customers never turn away from the best product, BYGEN will build trust with our customers through the best quality and thorough maintenance(A/S). Also BYGEN will be the enterprise becoming pride of our people and customers in the thought of a good company makes a good products.


Accompany with customers

Many Joyful things happen to make us healthy and reduce pollution when people ride bicycle.
We wish many people are happy through BYGEN who makes the wonderful bicycle of the best performance for riders.
BYGEN will continue a good relationship with our customers opening various events with our precious customers.


Bygen Co., Ltd

CEO Kim, Bog-Sung