Mutigear Transmission for EV Motor

Improvement of EV fuel efficiency more than doubled

Reduction of EV production cost

 Popularization of EV

Key technologies

  • No shift shock.
    – The shift clutch built in the transmission develops operates instantly at the moment of shifting, enabling smooth shift during high-speed driving.
  • The number of gears and shift ratio can be designed and manufactured freely.

Product Features

  • Ultra small and Nonpowered Transmission
    – Since it does not have a complicated hydraulic device and fluid coupling clutch which consume a lot of fuel for the operation of the transmission of automobile vehicle.
    ※ Since it is not powered, the electricity can be saved that much.

Development of In-Wheel type Transmission

  • In-Wheel type multigear transmission mounted that can be mounted on the wheel has been developed by taking advantage of light weight and small size of product.
  • Since it does not need a separate power transfer system, driving efficiency has been increased.
  • Integrated type in which transmission, motor, reducer, and shift clutch are arranged in one line on one shaft.
  • Applicable to all EVs such as electric cars (same structure and mechanism).

config_drawingforEVMultigear Transmission for EV(Electric Vehicle)